Mike Jr. Bio

Mike Dietz Jr

As a young man I have worked with my dad in his cabinet shop and construction company. I went on from there to work for other construction companies as a superintendent. Later I went on my own to build and remodel custom homes.

My relationship with my dad is one of great respect, trust and the same vision. We came back together as partners in DIETZ Corp. and are doing what we both have always wanted to do: work together.

On all projects I stress safety and clean jobsites along with proper communication with daily reports and weekly meetings, so that everything is properly documented and done correctly. Communication is not just about words but about understanding what is being said. It is important to me that the finishes of the project delight our owners and architects.

It has been a long and challenging journey to bring the company that my dad and I started to where it is today. I am looking forward to what the years ahead will bring for DIETZ Corporation and our families.

“How you determine the strength of a man – is in what it takes to stop him.”