Pre-Construction Services

Constructability Review:

Consists of a budget review on each phase of the design, along with a schedule of events updated per design.

Valued engineering will be suggested upon each design to try and maintain budget and schedule.

Coordinating with Design and Development:

We can meet with the architects, engineers and interior consultants.


The goal can never change; the means will always change. Every problem must be weighed by the goal of the project.

The goal on every project is to have all sub-contractors commit to approved schedule, and at the time of commitment to inform me of all their constraints, as to why they might not be able to meet their commitment. It is our responsibility to remove all constraints from contractors so they can meet their commitment. If sub-contractor makes the commitment and then finds out he can not meet schedule and later tells why he couldn’t meet schedule – then there are consequences.


Disclose adverse constraints so we can remove them. There is a consequence in thinking you can work around the problems.

“Success: If you work to make everyone successful at what they do – then the project will be successful. If your goal is just to make yourself successful – then the project will not be successful.”